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A Shadowfell reread

Shadowfell - Juliet Marillier Raven Flight - Juliet Marillier The Caller  - Juliet Marillier





Because The Caller was just released, I am rereading books 1 & 2 of this series! I didn't reread the Grisha series before the final book, & I feel like I really should have.


I had forgotten how this series begins without any preliminaries. Just, wham, and we're in the middle of the story.




Finished this one last night. It is sort of amazing how fast I can read a book that I've read before & I even pick up stuff I missed when I did the first read.




I still love this series, but there is A LOT of walking. It's sort of LOTR light, and echoes the Fellowship in that the characters are just constantly on a quest, evading capture, being followed, and generally freezing their asses off in bad camping situations. Also similar to the beginning section of The Deathly Hallows.


Juliet Marillier is such a gorgeous wordsmith, though. No one else that I am aware of writes quite like she does - she writes like a folklorist, and her world building is dreamy and magical. Neil Gaiman's Stardust has some of the same qualities, and Maggie Stiefvater as well, especially in The Scorpio Races. If anyone knows of writers who write with the same style, please, please, tell me. 


Finally, the characters! Ah, Flint, you tear my heart out. A younger Aragorn, maybe, or a younger Halt, from the Ranger's Apprentice, he is just wonderful. Heroic as hell. He is, in my opinion, a better character than Neryn because he is so complex and so conflicted. 


Hoping for one day, a single day, with the world to rights. A day when I need not worry about whether you are safe; a day when I can open doors and shutters and let the sun in. A day when there are no battles to be fought, when right and wrong are as clear-cut as light and dark.” Flint grimaced. “It will be a long time before we see such a day. Never, perhaps.” He went to fetch the kettle from the fire."




A good entry into the series. Less walking, although just as much questing. I really love the rebel band - Tali is a wonderful character and it is delightful to have Marillier write a female warrior to counter-balance Neryn. 


Neryn has grown on me. She is thoughtful and careful. I like the fact that she isn't arrogant about her gift, that she is grateful for it. The romance is still sweet and adorable. No graphic sex here (actually, no sex at all). Their is an acknowledged awareness that the consequences of sex are insupportable, that Neryn would be unable to do what she needs to do if she became pregnant. I admire Marillier for a realistic assessment of consequences in a fantasy world.


Neryn is a seeker of knowledge and help.


I want to learn. I hope you will teach me, and when I am ready, send me on to the Lord of the North. Even if it means losses and heartbreak, this is something I have to do. For Alban. For those already lost and ruined and broken. For all of us.


I also love the world-building and the Old Guardians with their different strengths. 


****By the way****

This book was my 150th book of the year! I have completed my challenge as of today, 9/13/14!








An initial bit of hope that Flint would be rejoining Neryn. Sadly, not to be. I am ready for Marillier to get on with it and get to the battle. Not up for a bunch of running around and talking to Guardians.


Fingers crossed for a satisfactory resolution!