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Lawyer, mother, avid reader. Game host extraordinaire! Partner in crime to Obsidian Black Plague! My bookish weaknesses include classics, fantasy, YA, and agreeing to read more books than is even remotely possible.

Where I've been

The Guns of August - Barbara W. Tuchman, Robert K. Massie Lorna Doone - R.D. Blackmore The Chili Queen - Sandra Dallas An American Tragedy - Theodore Dreiser, Richard R. Lingeman

I've been mostly absent from online activities for a couple of weeks because my wonderful daughter turned 18 and graduated from high school (on the same day). We've had lots of graduation festivities to enjoy.


Anyway, things should quiet down substantially! I've not had a lot of opportunities to read, but I did finally manage to finish Doctor Zhivago, and I've started The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman for my Back to the Classics project, and Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore for a Goodreads Group Read.


I'm also hoping to knock out a couple of books for my Read Across America project: The Chili Queen by Sandra Dallas for New Mexico, and An American Tragedy for New York (which also fills a spot in my Back to the Classics project - yay for double dipping).