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J is for Justice, K is for Knowledge, L is for Libel

This is going to be a short post.


Justice is important. Calling someone a criminal when they aren't a criminal is unjust. Supporting someone when they do this perpetuates the injustice. 


Knowledge is also important. Knowing that an accusation is true before you make it is critical. If you don't *know* that something is true, don't make the claim. 


Libel is the assertion of a false fact that causes damage to another person. It is actionable. Claiming that someone is a convicted thief who steals from old people is an assertion of a fact. It is not an opinion. Saying so and so is a jerk, or a bitch, or is a terrible writer. Those are opinions.


"You are a thief who steals from old ladies." That's not an opinion, that is a statement of fact. And if it isn't true, and if it damages the reputation of the person about whom the false statement is made, that is called libel.


As near as I can tell, Gavin Hetherington is not thief. He has, however, been libeled. He has been unjustly accused of a having been convicted of a crime. And now, knowing that the accusation was false, people are trying to justify libeling him by pointing out twitter shenanigans. As though twitter shenanigans justify people calling him a thief.


It is time to put this to an end. He deserves an apology from everyone who has called him a thief. You can continue to support Shelby, and I can't stop you. But she was wrong to do what she did, and that kid was just trying to salvage what he could of his reputation. Stop trying to justify it. It's unjustifiable. She destroyed his reputation.


I am a mom. If he was my kid, I'd be ready to burn this place to the ground for what happened to him.


If you don't like what I have to say, unfriend me. Please.


I guess it actually wasn't that short after all.