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Not a complete story

One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy

This review was originally posted on amazon on April 10, 2013:


The good: a lot of people love this book, and there are decent reasons why this is true. It's reasonably well-written, and the characters are likeable. Oh, sure, it contains many of the standard NA tropes, with a bit of reversal - gorgeous heroine who underrates herself, ridiculously handsome broken hero, who has girls falling all over him. You know, the usual.

The bad: this is not a complete story. The book ends half-way through the romance with a breakup. There is no HEA. In order to get the ending of the story that you think you are buying with this book, you will have to spend another $3.99, which makes this self-published book cost $5.00, and not the $.99 you think you are spending. If you want to buy the book knowing that, then, hey, it's all good.

The end: I'm pretty much fed up with authors who break one story into multiple books so that they can extort extra money from their readers. And then, when they price the ending of the book 4x higher than the beginning of the book, that just annoys me more. I guess I will just have to live with never knowing if Drew and Fable got their HEA. It will be difficult, but with years of therapy, I'm sure I will be able to overcome my sadness.'




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