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Best device for blogging

Hey, all you book bloggers. I am in the market for a new device - my old iPad I is on its last leg and constantly kicks me out of whatever browser I am attempting to use.


So, here is my question for everyone:


My primary device use relates to reading and blogging. I have a wordpress blog as well as the booklikes blog, I use twitter some, goodreads quite a bit, and facebook very little. I want to be able to do the following on my device if possible:


save images to upload to my blogs;

use picmonkey from the device (there is no way to use it on iPad as far as I can tell);

draft posts for both booklikes and wordpress

use goodreads

write fiction for my personal amusement

read (although I have a kindle paperwhite, so this is not a critical function)

streaming netflix/amazon prime


I am looking at the following devices:


kindle fire

iPad mini


Samsung Galaxy

Windows Surface


It absolutely needs to be able to hook up an external keyboard because I despise typing onscreen.


What do y'all use to blog? Anyone got any great tips for me?