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The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols

The Ex Games - Jennifer Echols

Challenge information: This book has been in my TBR since November, 2012. It qualifies for Genre: Romance in my February Book Blast and for the Mt. Kilimanjaro challenge.


I wanted a quick romance read. This one definitely fit the bill, although the annoying factor was quite high as well.


What I liked: it was sort of cute, and very snowboardy. I am not a snowboarder, but I grew up on skis and there were a lot of aspects of this book that hearkened back to my days as a junior racer in a good way.


What I didn't like: it was just too juvenile for me. The "romance" was very simplistic and not very believable. The resolution was unconvincing.


Also, and let's get to the point: the "bet" between the girl (who was supposedly an expert professional class snowboarder) and the boy (who was a recreational snowboarder) just pissed me off. It is true that when equally skilled men and women compete head to head, typically men will beat women. However, a professional woman basketball player will blow the freaking doors off the guy who plays a round of pick up basketball once or twice a month. And Venus Williams on her worst day, sick with food poisoning, with one arm tied behind her back, is going to beat the pants off the average man at some tennis club somewhere.


The idea that Hayden - who is allegedly ready to go pro - would lose a race to Nick - who is a recreational boarder - just annoyed the shit out of me. If she is that good, then she should win. Period.


Skill wins. Unskilled penis does not beat skilled uterus. And basing an entire book on the idea that it is does annoyed me to no end.


So, yeah. That.