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Lefty - no, Letty - by Clare Darcy

Letty - Clare Darcy

This is my third Clare Darcy in 24 hours; a triple-header, so to speak. Having ripped through three of them, I am ready to move on for a while. Darcy - and trad regencies in general - have a formula to them that they adapted from Georgette Heyer, but without her depth of characterization.


I'm sure that I will, eventually, read the whole lot of the digital editions, since they are free through the KU library. These are books for a rainy day, when I want nothing more demanding than a bit of froth.


This one does have some digitizing errors, including, occasionally and unfortunately, rendering the heroine's name, Letty, as Lefty, which is both hilarious and pulls me right out of the story.