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Updates and plans - and the buddy read

The buddy read: I am going to be foot-dragging on the buddy read a bit. It's gorgeous here in the PNW, and I am having my in laws up for a socially distant barbecue. We haven't seen them in weeks, so we decided to get together on the patio. We've also been doing a ton of yard work on this gorgeous weekend. I took Thursday and Friday off work, so we've been doing winter clean up - as I've mentioned, I live on a wooded acre, so we had a big yard debris burn on Thursday.


By the end of the day, we had burned everything and the fire ring/campfire area had been basically cleared. We were down to campfire size. 



So, today, my husband is draining our koi pond, dredging out as much of the organic debris (i.e., leaves) that he can and then refilling it with some clear water. I'm making a huge tray of kebabs - carne asada steak and chili lime chicken threaded with three colors of peppers and sweet onions. We're also having baked potatoes, corn on the cob and a salad. This is basically the ultimate summer meal in my household.


What that means is that there won't be a ton of time for reading! I'll catch up as I can.


In terms of the site, it's great news that the domain has been renewed and we'll all be able to hang in there for another year. I'm still frustrated with the lack of maintenance, though, and I'm still really worried about the long term viability of the site. I may set up an automatic posting mechanism so that everything I post here gets funneled to a blog. At a minimum, though, I'll likely post longer, more substantive reviews on my wordpress blog and post mostly updates and social stuff over here. 


One good thing that has come out of the scare is that I am pretty sure that everyone has been added to the GR group at this point! I also want to make sure that I follow everyone's off-site blog. I'll be working on that next week! 


I'm very relieved that we'll still have a place to play Halloween Bingo, though. Huzzah!