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Long Range - C.J. Box

I had a few things to finish off before I could drop back into "Joe Pickett" world for the 20th time. I had one of those fabulous weekends where I didn't have anything to do, so I puttered around, did enough cleaning that my house looks fabulous, and mostly read. Even losing an hour couldn't ruin it for me.


This one was published last week, and I'll stay with Joe until the bitter end, although the recent books have occasionally gone off the rails.


This one looks likely to do the same.


Joe and Marybeth are still together, and they are empty nesters now. I keep expecting Joe to run for Sheriff, but at 20 books in, that looks less and less likely. It's more likely that Joe will run afoul of the management at the Wyoming Department of Fish and Wildlife, rescue one of his daughters from mortal peril, argue with Marybeth about his schedule, his pay and how little time he spends at home, and then blow up his state issued vehicle for what must be the 15th tiime. 


In honor of Joe, I'm drinking my coffee out of my Wyoming mug.



Yipee-ki-yay for this Monday morning.