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A Morbid Taste for Bones - Ellis Peters Dark Fire - C.J. Sansom

I first read this one in 2014. I've been making my way rather slowly through the series, and I own most of the back half of the books. I noticed the other day that the entire series is available on kindle unlimited at this point, and decided that this would be a good time to revisit my dear friend, Brother Cadfael.


I don't know what it is about the months of November & December, but I am drawn to fiction set during the medieval or the Victorian eras. It's probably because so many of our Yule/Christmas/Winter solstice traditions are drawn from those eras. Whatever the reason is, I definitely gravitate to historical fiction/historical mystery during the season.


Speaking of historical mystery, I finished Dark Fire, by C.J. Sansom. I didn't loved it as much as I loved Dissolution, and the first part seemed to drag a bit for me, but I did end up really enjoying it. And now that Cromwell is dead, I am curious to see where Matthew Shardlake's future takes him, having made an enemy of the Duke of Norfolk. I bought Sovereign with some of my kindle dollars, and I'm going to be starting that one very soon.