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Jackman and Ellis: books 1 through 4

The Guilty Ones - Joy Ellis

As I previously mentioned, I've been obsessively listening to these audiobooks, narrated by Richard Armitage. I've listened to the first four in the series in a couple of weeks, which is light speed for me.


I finished The Guilty Ones yesterday, which is last available at this point. The audiobook narration for the 5th book releases on 10/31/19 - it has been preordered and I am already looking forward to it.


As I listened to the end of the fourth book, I tried to figure out what it was about the series that I've found so satisfying. The mysteries are fairly standard, even, at times, a bit cliched and unbelievable. It's the cast that I just love. Ellis has a knack for writing likeable characters, and the "team" that she has assembled in these books is just wonderful.


That's what has really made this series stand out for me. I'm deeply invested in the lives of every single member of the Fenland Constabulary. The relationships between team members are warm, supportive and believable. Jackman, the leader of the team, is not an unrealistically "good" person, but he is a completely decent man. Each team member has strengths and by this fourth book, I feel like I am greeting old friends. 


The only downside is that now I have to two months until the next book in the series, and after that, I'll have quite a wait.