Macbeth - William Shakespeare

Elentarri and I are going to do a Macbeth buddy read.


I have acquired my audiobook version (Arkangel audiobook) with Harriet Walter as Lady Macbeth (so, so excited here), and my Folgers print edition has arrived.


My plan is to do an Act a day, which means that it will take me 5 days to read/listen to it. I'm also going to watch at least one version after I finish reading, and I'm planning a buddy read of the Nesbo Hogarth retelling later in July!


So, Elentarri, when shall we begin? My audiobook is 2 1/2 hours long, so that's about 30 minutes a day to listen along.


Does anyone else want to join us for Macbeth in July?


Lay on, Macduff!