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A Local Habitation - Seanan McGuire

I don't have a ton to say about this one. I read the first installment in the series years ago, and sort of liked it, but didn't want to spend any money on the books. I keep a vague eye on them, but I haven't actually seen them go on sale. I don't feel like these UF series have a ton of rereading potential, so I tend not to buy them unless I can get them for a buck or two.


I've been doing a lot more library reading recently, though, so I decided to continue with the series and checked out this one, as well as the third book in the series.


Overall, of the three McGuire series that I've read - InCryptids, Wayward Children & this one - this is my least favorite. Wayward Children has a brutal lyricism that I find compelling, and InCryptids is so full of whimsy and flair that poor Toby just can't compete (this probably just boils down to my love of Aeslin mice). Overall, I've found the first two books in the series to be quite average.


Plus, I thought that the overall plot of this book was weak. 


It's an easy read, though. I started the book around 1:30, and finished it by 6:30, with quite a bit of additional activity in the middle, including a trip to a favorite restaurant for a plate of dirty fries and an IPA.



The book may have been mediocre. The fries and the beer were outstanding.


I'll probably keep reading because UF is such an easy genre for me and I enjoy bingeing on it from time to time.


I've read all of Kate Daniels, most of Mercy Thompson, a lot of Harry Dresden and a smattering of a few other series. If you have a favorite UF series, point me to it below, and maybe I'll check it out of the library.