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Calling all Agathytes - tomorrow!

I am so excited for the reread/buddy read of Crooked House by Agatha Christie!



Crooked House was published in 1949, and was the 38th full-length mystery that Christie published. It is a true stand-alone, with no characters recurring from other mysteries. In 1972, Dame Agatha identified it as one of her own favorite mysteries, saying about it:


"I found a study of a certain family interesting to explore."


If you are interested in her other 9 named favorites, page here. She was a perceptive reader who had a knack for seeing the strengths in her own work - I am not as fond of The Moving Finger as she was, but I whole-heartedly agree with the other 9.


This is a favorite of mine, and I think that those of you who join us on the buddy read have a treat coming! 




“I've never met a murderer who wasn't vain... It's their vanity that leads to their undoing, nine times out of ten.They may be frightened of being caught, but they can't help strutting and boasting and usually they're sure they've been far too clever to be caught.”


I look forward to all of the updates - let me know below if you are joining the read. And, since there will be readers on varying schedules, be careful with spoilers in your updates! This book should be experienced without spoiling!


Use tag: crooked house buddy read for your updates & posts, please!