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The Maigret-a-thon

The Flemish House (Inspector Maigret #14) - Georges Simenon,  Shaun Whiteside (Translator) The Saint-Fiacre Affair (Inspector Maigret) - Georges Simenon, Shaun Whiteside

Is anyone besides Tigus and I - a possibly Chris' Fish Place - up for a Maigret-a-thon in late April (like, all the way to the 26th)?


I am up for either of the identified books. I could also pretty much be persuaded to anything, especially books that are early in the series, so if there are other books that folks are interested in, discuss in the comments! I haven't purchased anything yet, and the whole series is available for my kindle (I think), so I can start anywhere. I know that Tigus already has both of these books, though, so that's a good place to start!


This will be my first foray into Maigret! Tigus has been putting up a lot of posts regarding his adventures with Simenon, and I'm really excited to dip into the series.