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Announcing: The Indigo Buddy Read

Indigo - Beverly Jenkins

The votes are in, and Indigo prevailed with 6 votes to Forbidden's 2 votes. Destiny's Embrace brought up the rear with one vote.


Sourcing information: Indigo is $5.99 for kindle in the U.S. store. If you prefer audiobooks and happen to have the audible romance package, you can listen for free (and if you have an audible membership, but not the romance package, there's a free trial available). It looks like print copies are a bit more difficult to source - I checked both amazon and abebooks. Amazon's used copies are really expensive and the copies available on abebooks are all POD versions, which I personally refuse to buy. My library has a lot of Beverly Jenkins available, but not Indigo, unfortunately. If too many of us can't get our hands on the book, we may have to drop back to Forbidden, which seems to be much more widely available.


The plan is to start reading on 4/15.


Tag your posts Indigo Buddy Read so we can all follow along.


If you can't get your hands on a copy of the book, comment below. I read kindle books, so I'm okay, but there are a lot of print readers out there. The discussion continues...