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New Years Day, Task 1: 2019 Reading projects/goals



I've been working on putting together my reading projects/challenges & goals for 2019!


The number:


I am going to shoot for a stretch goal of 175 books this year.


This is about 25 books past my usual number of 150. I'm not sure exactly how many books I've read this year because I am not that diligent about logging everything I read to the challenge, but I know I've read at least 150 this year (even though my BL challenge only says 120 & my GR challenge says 131 - there are books I've logged on GR that I haven't logged over here and vice versa). I could go back and update my challenge but meh, that seems like a lot of work. I've read 45,297 pages today & 38,648 pages over here. It's probably somewhere around 50K pages.


Projects & Challenges:


I'm continuing with my two primary reading projects: my All The Vintage Ladies project and continuing to explore classic mysteries. Within those two projects, I have some sub-projects:


A Century of Women: I'd like to read at least 20 books in this project. I am tracking this on my ATVL blog, on this page.


Back to the Classics: I want to finish this challenge. You can find the explanation post for this challenge here.


Detection Club: I would love to check off all the boxes this year!


Focal Authors/Publishers


Patricia Wentworth: I've been collecting her Miss Silver mysteries as they go on sale, along with anything else that I can find. I'm going to continue to work through her books, although I don't plan to read everything this year. That would be too much!


Agatha Christie: this is the year I finish all of the full-length Christie novels. I only have 7 left.


British Library Crime Classics: I've settled on 52 weeks of the BLCC. I don't plan to read a full length mystery each week - but I own several of their anthologies, and I thought that I would dabble in short stories for this little project, and shoot to read 12 of their full-length mysteries. The anthologies I own are: Murder at the Manor, Serpents in Eden, Capital Crimes, Resorting to Murder, Blood on the Tracks and Continental Crimes.


***Note to Tigus, Themis, BT, MBD & other Detection Club Members*** hit me up with your favorites (and warn me off of the meh) in the comments! My library has a really solid collection available to check out. I've already put a hold on Seven Dead, so that's first on the list!


Valdemar: I'm loosely planning on about 2 a month for as long as it stays fun!


Summer of Sherlock: This is still in the development stages, but Wanda mentioned it on one of her posts and it sounds like a blast. I still haven't read the entire canon, although I'm pretty close, so I would like to at least finish The Valley of Fear, His Last Bow and The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. I also want to read something non-fic for this project (BT/Themis, I'm counting on you for a recommendation) as well as some pastiche. The Summer of Sherlock will run from 6/1/19 through 9/1/19.


All right - that's it for now!