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Hallowe'en Party - Agatha Christie

This is a reread, but I couldn't resist. I sold books back to Powell's today - a disappointing total, tbh, only $84.00 in credit, but I snagged a Berkley paperback from 1991 for $4.50 while I was there. I'm holding onto the credit for my daughter's Christmas trip home and we will go have a delightful spree!


Anyway, this is a comfortable old Agatha, featuring Ariadne Oliver, my favorite recurring character.


"I don't think she was a very nice girl," said Mrs. Oliver, "not one you'd want to talk to much. She was the sort of girl who shows off and boasts. It's a rather tiresome age, I think. It sounds unkind what I am saying, but--"


"It is not unkind in a murder to say what the victim was like," said Poirot. " It is very, very necessary. The personality of the victim is the cause of many a murder..."