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The Saltmarsh Murders by Gladys Mitchell

The Saltmarsh murders - GLADYS MITCHELL

This is Book #4 in the Mrs. Bradley series. I've never seen the Diana Riggs BBC adaptation, from 1998-2000, and this series didn't really make it onto my radar screen until a book popped up on Tigus's timeline - I'm not ashamed to admit that whenever Tigus shelves something, I have to go find out all about it. When I jumped over to Amazon, I noted that all of the Mrs. Bradley books are available in the Kindle Unlimited Library.


This was literally a stab in the dark. I liked the title - it sound appropriately atmospheric - so I downloaded it and started reading.


First of all, Mrs. Bradley's full name is Beatrice Lestrange Bradley, which is just too good for me to overlook. The book is partially narrated by a young curate, and I was getting some (erroneous) Murder of Roger Ackroyd vibes from his narration. It's a quirky tale, and I was frankly surprised, and not really convinced, by who-actually-dun-it. But it was fun to read, and I want to read more so I can get a better handle on the series.


This book works beautifully for Terror in a Small Town