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Best of the series so far

C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton

This book is told in reverse - we're told at the very beginning who the "C" is, just not why. Even so, Grafton made me care, and care a lot, about the victim.


There is a lot of character development going on in this book - we see Kinsey becoming an emotionally three dimensional main character, with strong attachments. The side story between Henry and Kinsey is charming, as she protects him from a honey trap who is out to fleece him.


The mystery itself is well-written, and is probably the strongest story so far. I really had no idea what was going on until pretty close to the end. I do have one small quibble - I'm actually growing tired of Kinsey almost becoming a victim of the murderer, and I'd like to see a few books where she apprehends the bad guy without imperiling herself because she's done something incredibly reckless and stupid. I don't want her to devolve into TSTL, and she could.


Great series so far, though, and I'm glad I finally decided to start it!