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My next big quilt project

Tula Pink's City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks - Tula Pink

I am still working on that Halloween quilt, but since I didn't finish it in time for the holiday, it's no rush to get it done for next year!


So, I thought I'd share my next big project here! I do have some Christmas sewing to do, so I'm not exactly sure when I will really get down to business on this one, but it's a modern sampler quilt with 100 different block possibilities. Knowing myself, I will likely add some embroidery and/or some applique to the final product.


I have the most amazing collection of fabrics for this quilt as well! There is a design company called Cotton + Steel, which produces amazing modern prints by very talented designers! I've been collecting them for awhile, and I have so many that I could probably make ten quilts with all of the fabric. 



I'll be posting pictures of the blocks on my instagram account: @reading_while_stitching. If you're on IG, you can follow me there!