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The Merlin Read-Along: The Crystal Cave




Our read along of the first book in the Merlin trilogy, The Crystal Cave, begins tomorrow! We had planned to read each book over approximately 3 weeks, so I've come up with the following schedule:


Tuesday, 11/1-Monday, 11/7: Book I (The Dove) & Book II (The Falcon)

Tuesday, 11/8 - Monday, 11/14: Book III (The Wolf) & Book IV (The Red Dragon)

Tuesday, 11/15 - Monday, 11/21: Book V (The Coming of the Bear)


I'm planning on starting the second book, The Hollow Hills, on November 22!


In terms of posting, not everyone likes to read to a schedule. If you want to just devour the whole thing, use spoiler tags and go for it. If you want to wait until the last week, that's fine, too! The schedule is intended to be helpful, not troublesome.


Use "merlin trilogy buddy read" to tag your posts! And, let me know if you plan to read with us, in the comments below!


At Themis-Athena's suggestion, I added a thread to the Buddy Reads group, which you can find here!