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Snowfire by Phillis Whitney

One of the things about buying a used MMPB from an amazon seller is that I have no idea what edition will show up in my mailbox. This has the merit of being a surprise, at a minimum. Sometimes I end up with gems like this one:



There is so much wrong going on with this cover that it is difficult to really take it all in. The book is set in a ski lodge and was published in 1972, so I'm assuming that outfit is some sort of swingin' 70's winter apres-ski get up. Any sort of critical analysis of it, however, demonstrates that it makes no sense at all.


The woven bit with the red, black & blue squares could be an oversized parka, and she is either wearing black tights or, possibly, black stretch ski pants, which were quite the thing back in the day. But the blue and white thing is completely inexplicable. It defies the laws of physics. She is wearing it sort of like a scarf, but it appears to be the approximate size of a queen bedspread.


The hair, however, is perfection. She has clearly been taking her cues from Farrah Fawcett as we all did during that time period (well, not me - I was 6):



And let us not even speak of the creepy over the shoulder guy, with his unsuccessful effort at the smolder.



Learn from the master, smolder-failure.