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My Classics Club Project: completed!

I joined the Classics Club on 9/1/2012 with the goal of reading 50 classics in 5 years. I ended up finishing it earlier this month, and getting all of the posts up and recap finished. 


This is the list: 


Alcott, Louisa May: Work, A Story of Experience
Austen, Jane: Lady Susan
Austen, Jane: Persuasion
Baum, L. Frank: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Barrie, J.M.: Peter Pan
Bronte, Anne: Agnes Grey
Bronte, Charlotte: Jane Eyre
Burnett, France Hodgson: The Secret Garden
Cather, Willa: One of Ours
Collins, Wilkie: The Woman in White
Collins, Wilkie: The Moonstone
Dickens, Charles: David Copperfield
Dickens, Charles: Dombey and Son
Dickens, Charles: Oliver Twist
Dickens, Charles: The Pickwick Papers
Doyle, Arthur Conan: The Hound of the Baskervilles

du Maurier, Daphne: Rebecca
Eliot, George: Middlemarch
Fitzgerald, F. Scott: Tender Is The Night
Flaubert, Gustave: Madame Bovary
Gaskell, Elizabeth: North and South
Grey, Zane: Riders of the Purple Sage
Haggard, H. Rider: King Solomon’s Mines
Hardy, Thomas: Far From the Madding Crowd
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: The Blithedale Romance
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: The Scarlet Letter
Hugo, Victor: Les Miserables
Irving, Washington: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Jackson, Shirley: The Haunting of Hill House
Jackson, Shirley: We Have Always Lived in the Castle
James, Henry: The Ambassadors
Kipling, Rudyard: Kim
L’Engle, Madeleine: A Wrinkle in Time
LeFanu, Sheridan: Uncle Silas
Montgomery, L.M.: Anne of Green Gables

Oliphant, Margaret: Miss Marjoribanks
Orwell, George: Animal Farm
Sayers, Dorothy: Whose Body
Steinbeck, John: Cannery Row
Pasternak, Boris: Doctor Zhivago
Tolstoy, Leo: Anna Karenina
Trollope, Anthony: The Warden
Trollope, Anthony: Barchester Towers
Trollope, Anthony: Doctor Thorne
Trollope, Anthony: Framley Parsonage
Von Arnim, Elizabeth: The Enchanted April
Wharton, Edith: The House of Mirth
Wharton, Edith: Summer
Wharton, Edith: The Custom of the Country
Wharton, Edith: The Age of Innocence


It appears that links to the blog posts do carry over to booklikes, and if you are interested, you can link to the project page here, and if you wait a few minutes, I'll be cross-posting the recap post on BL!