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A Mistborn Universe Reread

Mistborn: The Final Empire - Brandon Sanderson

My first reading of Mistborn was a couple of years ago, on vacation. I read it really fast (as in, the entire trilogy in around four days). I became very immersed in the story, so much so that I have felt since the read that I would like to read it again in a more leisurely fashion, taking my time and processing it more slowly.


These posts are going to contain spoilers for the series. They are really for my benefit, because I'm going to reread the entire series, follow it with a reread of Alloy of Law, and then with first reads of Shadows of Self, which is scheduled to be released on October 6 and Bands of Mourning, which will be released January 26, 2016.. My general plan is to read one part per week, which puts me at about 5 weeks per book.




The Final Empire


August 25: Part 1: The Survivor of Hathsin

August 31: Part 2: Rebels Beneath a Sky of Ash

September 7: Part 3: Children of a Bleeding Sun

September 14: Part 4: Dancers in a Sea of Mist

September 21: Part 5: Believers in a Forgotten World


The Well of Ascension:


September 28: Part 1: Heir of the Survivor

October 5: Part 2: Ghosts in the Mist

October 12: Part 3: King

October 19: Part 4: Knives

October 26: Part 5: Snow and Ash

November 2: Part 6: Words in Steel


The Hero of Ages


November 9: Part 1: Legacy of the Survivor

November 16: Part 2: Cloth and Glass

November 23: Part 3: The Broken Skies

November 30: Part 4: Beautiful Destroyer

December 7: Part 5: Trust


The Alloy of Law:


December 14: Chapters 1-4

December 21: Chapters 5-8

December 28: Chapters 9-11

January 4: Chapters 12-15

January 11: Chapters 16-19


The Shadows of Self:


Schedule to be updated after release on October 6, 2015


The Bands of Mourning:


Schedule to be updated after release on January 26, 2016