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50 Shades of Grey Movie


While I personally have not read, nor do I plan to read, E.L. James trilogy, I can sort of understand the appeal.


Well, no, strike that. I can't understand the appeal at all, but I understand that it has appeal because several people I know apparently liked it. Bad writing and all.


But this movie is the most unappealing, unfortunate idea ever. The pre-publicity is abysmal. It looks appallingly awful. And when I imagine seeing it with all of the heavy breathing fans of the book trilogy, squirming in their seats as their Christian Grey sexual fantasies are, apparently, brought to life on the screen, it feels sort of like subjecting myself to seeing a porn with PeeWee Hermann.


So, yuck.


Edit: someone on my twitter feed linked to this gawker article. It's hilarious. I have to admit that I feel sorry for both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. It sounds like this whole thing has been a miserable experience for both of them. 


Plus, they pretty much hate each other.