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A definite yes!

The Merchant's House: The Wesley Peterson Series: Book 1 - Kate Ellis

This one gets a clear thumbs up as a series starter.


Set in Devon, the main character is Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson. Wesley Peterson has an educational background in archaeology, but joined the police force instead of looking for a job in his field. There is a really nice tie-in between his background in archaeology and the murder case that he is currently investigating, a young woman whose body has been found with her face bashed in.


Simultaneously, a skeleton of a baby and a woman are found at an archaeological dig of a 17th century merchant's house. 


The two things are unrelated, but share similarities. And we are treated to diary entries of John Banized, the merchant from the aforementioned house, that ultimately explain the source of the skeletonized remains.


I am still reminded of the Ruth Galloway series, although this one is more of a police procedural than Elly Griffith's series. I really enjoyed it.