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White Hart - Sarah Dalton

I've decided to DNF this one for a number of reasons.


First, I really feel like the story is going no where. The beginning of the book had some potential - we met the MC, Mae, and learned a bit about the world. Then there was a significantly traumatic event that forced Mae & the prince into a pursuit together. I think that occurred around 20%.


Since that point, we've basically followed Mae and prince through the forest confronting stuff that wants to kill them. This would seem like it might be interesting, but it really isn't. It's like a weird combination of the last section of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and a less charming Princess Bride. Mae knows almost nothing about her magical talent, and keeps stumbling into a solution to keep them alive. The prince is an unmitigated idiot who keeps mooning about a girl that he met for five minutes. I don't feel like we are getting anywhere.


So, the story isn't working for me.


The writing also isn't working for me. While it is fairly well-written, it feels both juvenile and stilted. I've read a lot of YA, and the writing doesn't need to feel juvenile, so that is a flaw that is, in my opinion, specific to this book, and not a genre/category issue. It's stilted, not fluid.


So, the writing isn't working for me.


Overall, I think that this book would shake out around a two 1/2 to three star read. A different reader could obviously come to a different opinion. I'd like to see something else by Sarah Dalton, because I think she has talent and potential.


I, however, am pulling the plug!