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A round up of my 2015 reading plans

So, I've basically finalized my 2015 reading plans. In summary:



My GR group is reading Lord of the Rings beginning on 1/5/15.


A year-long read of slightly obscure Victorian classics here on booklikes. You can find the list here.


I'll also be exploring the writings of Madeleine L'Engle. I haven't fully fleshed out this project, but at a minimum, I will be reading the Time Quintet and the Austin Family Chronicles.




I am tentatively planning on reading between 3 & 4 of Shakespeare's plays, again with the GR group. The Taming of the Shrew is a go for April, and Twelfth Night is queued up for next December.


I'm also going to be working my way through the Holmes Pastiche list (here), as well as knocking down my TBR list by getting through the 50 book list (here) of first in series books that I own, so I can make some decisions about whether or not to continue. First up for that list is going to be Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. I already own all these books!


Aside from the ten L'Engle books (of which I only own A Wrinkle in Time) and some of the Victorian classics, I already own everything else I will be reading. 


Carry-over projects:


Finish the Chronicles of Barsetshire. I am currently reading Framley Parsonage. This leaves me with two more of the Barsetshire books. I will not finish this project by the end of the year, which is fine, since that really wasn't my goal. I'd like to finish before June, 2015. I'll take a break, then, and probably read the Palliser novels in 2016.


I've also not made as much progress as I would have like on the Bronte sisters novels. No worries here, though. I'm just going to keep reading them. My Classics Club challenge doesn't finish until September 1, 2017. Plenty of time . . .