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TBR Thursday #8

The Inbox:




What MR has to say: I've been waiting for Broken Monsters since I read Lauren Beukes's brutal, terrifying, absorbing and more than a little insane book about a time-travelling serial killer, The Shining Girls


I really enjoyed Lish McBride's first book, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, with it's sly sense of humor. I haven't read the second, because I like to wait until I can get my fix all at once. With the release of Firebug, it is now moved up on my TBR list.


The Gifted Dead bills itself as a political story with magic. Yes, please. And Salt and Storm is a historical romance featuring a witch who foresees her own murder. Yes, please, again. Both of these authors are new to me.


Finally, Rooms, a haunted house story, looks like a great read for Halloween.




I've not had the most voracious reading week. I finished Monica McCarty's 7th (8th? I forget) Highland Guard book, The Arrow, which was fine, but somewhat uninspired at this point. Not sure how long I am going to continue with this one. And I read The Anatomist's Apprentice which I reviewed yesterday, and which was frankly disappointing.


I also finished a book by a good friend of mine, a self-published science fiction/romance called Desert Rose by C.P. Lesley, that was really interesting. There will be a review at some point. It isn't precisely my thing, but I quite enjoyed it. There is a sequel which I have downloaded, and will get to before I cancel my KU subscription on 10/1.




In addition to those three, I've been reading The Haunting of Hill House, which is fabulous, and I DNF'd a Sharon Lathan Jane Austen sequel.