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The Naturals by Jennifer Barnes

The Naturals - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Seriously, how awesome is booklikes? I mean how many places on the internet can you find the same reader reviewing Summer by Edith Wharton and The Naturals by Jennifer Barnes on the same day?


So, this isn't Edith Wharton.


Not even remotely serious.


But, it's a lot of fun. Our MC is a "natural." An adept at reading cues, and drawing conclusions about people. She is recruited by the FBI to review cold cases and try to find clues that the grown-ups missed.


What could be better than a YA serial killer brilliant prodigy FBI profiler book? Like that adorable kid from Criminal Minds.



Dr. Spencer Reid. Only, the main character is a girl.


But, there are a couple of young male sidekicks/love interests, so it still counts. Right?