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Full-contact competitive motherhood

I'm hoping I don't insult anyone here, but I was just reading this funny little article on scary mommy: Back to School: the 70's vs Today.


Which got me thinking (always dangerous).


I have two kids - 18 & 14. I am also a working mom, and have been for the whole of their lives. My husband has been a stay-at-home dad, briefly a homeschooling dad while we were looking for a suitable program for our son (who was diagnosed with autism at 3), and has been a part-time employed dad. 


Never did either of us consider making our children lunches that looked anything like this:



And I can't help but think that both of my kids would have been COMPLETELY HUMILIATED to open their lunchboxes to display something like that.


Is this actually a thing? Do people actually do this for (to?) their children's lunches?


I mean, it is cute, but it looks like it would take effing hours to create little carrot eyes for the kitty sandwich and mouse-shaped cheese and crackers. And who the hell has children who will eat ham wrapped green-beans and carrot sticks? And what is even the point of the lettuce lining, except, possibly, to make the sandwich soggy. And don't even get me started on the vaguely-swastika-shaped carrot bits.


Is it any wonder that mothers feel inadequate? It isn't enough that elf-on-the-shelf forces already frazzled holiday parents to make real messes in the service of a pretend elf, which they then have to really clean up. Now lunches are supposed to look like animals?


That is madness.