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The amazon forum trolls: a tale

How to Survive an Amazon Forum Troll Attack: a Writer's Guide - Michele Foal

I've seen posts about this book popping up on my feed over the last couple of days and wanted to tell a bit of a story about it.


I've been active on the amazon forums since probably around 2009.  The forums are a microcosm of the internet, with spats, arguments, cliques and occasional craziness. There is a significant BBA presence on the forums as well, with people self-promoting, and then getting mad when the forum regulars show their (not insignificant) irritation about the near-constant spamming.


The author of this book was a person who found his way to the forums as both an author and as a reader. He became internet friends with many of us - the so-called Amazon Review Mafia, the forum trolls, the active posters who for many months made efforts to provide janitorial services to the book and genre forums on amazon rather than just giving them over to the spammers.


He wrote this book under a pseudonym because he was a funny guy, and also, I imagine, because he was concerned about backlash if he published it under his real name. 


The author of the book passed away very unexpectedly last year. Even now, I am uncomfortable posting his name here, although some of you may figure out his identity from my post. He was a young man, not even thirty, and was a lovely, warm, and genuine person.


The thing about this book is that it is funny, but it is also a bit of an inside joke, written about and for those of us who were called the amazon forum trolls.