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From a family of four

to a family of three.


In slightly more than a month, I will be dropping my daughter off at college for her freshman year. This is a time of huge changes for my family - my son begins high school, my daughter moves out of her childhood room, my husband and I start the long process of launching our kids into adulthood.


The list of stuff to do is long indeed, and it will be an adjustment of us all.


The boy is excited to be an only child. I think he underestimates how much he will miss his sister, and overestimates how much fun it will be to be the only teen in the house.


My husband is wondering who will watch television with him, since neither the boy nor I are t.v. watchers. The two of them - the girl and the man - have bonded over The Walking Dead and Supernatural and horror movies. They rebuild things together. She is the one who has helped him restore his boat. There won't be anyone in the house to fill these roles, and he will be a bit lonely. And even if my son does take an interest in restoring boats, it won't be the same. 


I can't imagine her not sleeping under my roof. We've been so close for so long that not seeing her every day is nearly impossible for me to consider. She's my book buddy, my movie marathon pal, my baby girl. Long winter afternoons will not be the same for me, because I will have no one to watch endless hours of Harry Potter with me. We bake together, and the thought of making cookies without her brings a lump to my throat.


Who will I be without her? Who will we be without her? We will still be a family, but I can't imagine what that family will look like until we get there.