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Lady of Quality - Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer described mansplaining:


"In his own eyes, his consequence is so great that when people smother yawns in the middle of one of his pretentious lectures he is sorry for them, because it is plain to him that they are persons of vastly inferior intellect, quite unworthy to receive instruction from him."

"Recalling very vividly the numerous occasions when she had been provoked almost to screaming point by his lordship’s disquisitions, accompanied as they invariably were, by kindly but intolerable attempts to enlighten her ignorance, or to correct what his superior taste assured him were her false artistic judgments, she could not suppress a little chuckle, but she atoned for this by saying that even if his lordship were a trifle prosy he had many excellent qualities."

in 1972.