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TBR Thursday #1

Someone on my wordpress feed did a post that documented additions to their TBR pile for the week. I liked it, and have therefore copied it!


This week, I added 3 books to my TBR pile:


 Tigerman was released on July 29, but didn't make it onto the to-buy-immediately list for my book club account until one of the members read the Washington Post review, which was basically effusive.


"Trust me, though, when I say that Harkaway’s new novel, Tigerman, is an irresistible delight, something like “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand” as played by James Bond. The plot whizzes past inventive toward ridiculously improbable, but what really makes “Tigerman” roar is its captivating blend of tones — from the light hues of domestic comedy to the bold colors of Spider-Man. And Harkaway doesn’t stop there: Like some Marvel mad scientist, he has crossed strains of a modern-day environmental crisis with the sweet story of a veteran of the Afghan war trying to adopt a little boy." (Ron Charles, for the Washington Post Books Section).


We had also pre-ordered Mortal Danger by Ann Aguirre. This book hit a lot of my personal awesomeness buttons. Dark & slightly creepy. Boarding school. Comeuppance for the mean girls. I've not read anything by Aguirre. I have at least one, maybe two, of the Enclave trilogy, and I've heard good things, but have just not gotten around to putting them on my kindle and giving them a go.


This is the beginning of a series, though, so I'm not sure if I will start it right away, or if I will wait until at least book 2 is out. I prefer to binge read a series once it is basically complete - although this means that occasionally I have major buyers remorse because I hear spoilers about the end of the series that make me not actually want to read it (Divergent, I'm looking right at you).


This is a reread for me, although it has been years! I'm planning a gothic romance theme read for October, so I've started collecting books. I plan to read at least one by Holt, as well as Mary Stewart, Dorothy Eden, Phyllis Whitney, and Barbara Michaels. So, plan to see more of these showing up on my TBR Thursday posts!


I specifically remember reading this book in my teens. I stumbled on Victoria Holt and went through a phase where I read many of her books. I recall The Shivering Sands, generally, as well as Mistress of Mellyn. It was this one, though, that caught my imagination, and I have spent my life looking for the green flash whenever I have been near the sea at sunset. I've not seen it, but that doesn't mean I won't keep looking!




Who added to their TBR list this week? Consider joining me in posting your book acquisitions on Thursdays!