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The Enchanter Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

The Enchanter Heir - Cinda Williams Chima

This is really hard to review because it ends with a cliffhanger. I think I would like it a lot better if I had waited for the next book in this part of the cycle. The story is interesting, but there is a lot of new world building stuff, which is confusing, and there is no resolution.


What I liked: 


I liked both Jonah and Emma. I liked getting a chance to revisit Trinity and see Seph and Madison Moss and Jack and Ellen. The concept of Thorn Hill and the Anchorage was interesting.


But what I didn't like outweighed what I did like:


Enchanter Heir is confusing. There are two many questions that remain unanswered (i.e., pretty much all of them) at the end of the book. Also, it is frustrating to not understand the powers of the Weir who were injured in the Thorn Hill Massacre. I am all for the mysterious subplot, but some progress toward a resolution really NEEDS to happen, or the reader just ends up annoyed.


Which is where I was when the book ended.


Therefore, I can recommend the first three books of the series. There may come a point where I will recommend this book in conjunction with the books to follow. But today, this isn't a completed narrative.


I will read book 5 when it is released because I want to know how this series ends. But I'm not happy about the way this one ended.