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#BookadayUK - Day 24

The Antichrist/Thus Spake Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was enrolled in what would now be the equivalent of combining AP English Literature and Composition and Art History. It was a two period class called Advanced Humanities, and it was the most wondrous thing I had ever experienced. We read Shakespeare and discussed classical music - this is where I was introduced to Handel's Water Music and Tchaikovsky's gorgeous ballets - and art history, with a focus on western art, philosophy, lit and music. It might also be called Western Civ.


So, with that as background, one of the course requirements was a self-directed research paper. This was BEFORE THE INTERNET EXISTED, PEOPLE, and there was no such thing as Wikipedia. I chose Nietzsche for my paper because I was weird that way. Also, I was a budding little atheist, so the phrase "God is Dead" appealed to me, although I honestly had no idea what it meant when I started the paper.


So, I read a ton of German philosophy in writing this paper. I pulled my first all-nighter, staying up to finish the paper, my mother finding me feverishly scribbling and probably more than a little punch drunk, in the morning - with my horrible 1980's hair standing on end. I was awfully impressed with myself, and was told by my teacher that I had done college level work. This statement made me feel terribly proud, although it was undoubtedly more of a comment on college freshmen than it was on the quality of my analysis.


I remember almost nothing about Nietzche.


Thus Spake Zarathustra.