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Vacation reading: series

I will be taking my week-long summer vacation at the end of July. One of my favorite things to do is to get my hands on an entire series - maybe one that I have read the first book only - and really immerse myself into it for the time I'm on vacation.


My family camps, so there is typically a lot of down time to hang out and read. In past vacations, I've power read series that have included:



Moning's Fever series is a UF/PNR tour de force. Five books, all ending in the most excruciating cliff-hangers, readers who waited until the end of the series (like me) suffered significantly less than the reads who waited for the next installment to be released.


I read this one camping on the Oregon coast during a particularly rainy week. It was a terrific read.



Ah, the Bridgerton's. I read this series in a little more than five days, because these books are seriously like chocolate covered crack. Addictive and delicious. This was also the vacation that I learned the wonder that is whispernet. I had my very first kindle, and was able to buy the next book as soon as I finished the first. I had downloaded a bunch of books before I left, but once I read the first installment of the Bridgerton's I was lost in regency England until I hit the next page button for the last time on the final book.


The first five books are terrific, the last two are simply not as wonderful as the first quintet.



I didn't read this entire series on one vacation, because it hasn't been finished yet, but I devoured the first four in about as many days. I love Sheriff Van Alstyn and Reverend Clare, and these books are fabulous. A mysteries series, sure, but Julia Spencer-Fleming takes on big issues - a failing economy, soldiers returning from combat, corruption, and marriage.


So, to my fellow readers: do you have any suggestions for my summer vacation? No self-published authors, please, and no horror. Acceptable genres include: romance (historical, PNR, & contemporary are all fine, but NO NEW ADULT), fantasy (UF, grimdark or high), and mystery (historical or comtemporary), YA is good, too.