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You know how sometimes books surprise you?

A Creature of Moonlight - Rebecca Hahn

In a good way?


This was one of those books for me. I went into it not expecting much - I bought it because it is about dragons, and I am one of those people with a thing for dragons.


Summary, from Goodreads:


A stunning debut novel about a girl who is half dragon, half human, and wholly herself.

As the only heir to the throne, Marni should have been surrounded by wealth and privilege, not living in exile-but now the time has come when she must choose between claiming her birthright as princess of a realm whose king wants her dead, and life with the father she has never known: a wild dragon who is sending his magical woods to capture her.

Fans of Bitterblue and Seraphina will be captured by A Creature of Moonlight, with its richly layered storytelling and the powerful choices its strong heroine must make.


I really loved Seraphina, but comparing A Creature of Moonlight to Seraphina does this book a disservice, I think. The similarities are all on the surface. A Creature of Moonlight is purer, less political, and Marni is a completely different kind of character. Marni has a lot to tell us about autonomy, about choices, and about the ability to be clear-eyed when we decide what we want. It is deeply feminist.


I loved the ending, and thought it was perfect.