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Historical mystery and telegraphing plot points

A Stranger in Mayfair - Charles Finch

This is the fourth in the Charles Lenox series of Victorian mysteries. 


To begin, this series is a lot of fun. I read a fair number of historical mystery series, set in many different time periods. Charles Finch's series is in the middle echelon - not one of my tippy-top favorite series, but at least in the second tier.


In this fourth book, Charles has married, and has been elected to Parliament. This is a transitional book - his life is changing tremendously, and much of the book is about the impact of these changes and the stress that they place upon him. The mystery is really almost secondary to this character development.


As for the mystery, it was pretty obvious. I figured out the major plot twist in the first few chapters. The moment of the reveal got the following reaction from me: "well, duh. Saw that one coming for miles." A detective who is as talented as Charles Lenox would have had no trouble getting to the bottom of this mystery.


But, even though the mystery was sort of disappointing, the series is still worth reading. I bought the fifth one with some of my ebook settlement money. I've got some other stuff to read before I start it, but having it in the queue makes me feel all warm and happy inside.


What about you all - any favorite historical mysteries series out there that you love? I'm familiar with a lot of the most popular series: Lady Emily, Lady Julia Grey, Sebastian St. Cyr, etc. Got anything more obscure for me?