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50 book summer: read your way across the USA

Is anyone interested in doing a 4 month project (May, June, July, August) reading our way across the U.S. with a book set in every state? That would be 12 books a month. That might be too ambitious, but we wouldn't have to stop in August.


I'm thinking of something like this:



As a jumping off point, but everyone could choose their own reads (and they don't have to be YA)? And do them in whatever order.


If there is interest, I could set up a discussion group, and we could use a specific tag to keep track of each other.


We could do mini-trips, like Route 66, or Tour New England, or Interstate-80 (California to NJ) and other fun stuff. Maybe some small prizes?


It might honestly work better as a GR group, but I know a lot of people have bailed on GR.