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The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff

The Morrigan took a deep breath, like she was trying to find the best way to explain something, and said carefully, “Some can go out and some can’t, and some can only go out on nights when strangeness passes for merriment, and some used to go out but due to misfortune or accident cannot go out anymore.” She slipped her arm through mine and whispered, “My sister’s man did that to her—the Cutter. He laid iron rods against her face because it amused him, and now we have to fasten her arms down to keep her from clawing off her own skin.” In the pool at my feet, the woman opened her mouth but didn’t make any noise. Her lips were a chilly blue and she stared up at me with wide, anguished eyes until I had to look away. I turned to the Morrigan. “Why, though? What good does it do to hurt someone like that?” “Not good. It’s never a matter of good. But my sister does love to punish the innocent for our trespasses. She was displeased with me, so she took it out on someone else.”


This book is moving rapidly toward a "wow". I love the main character, Mackie, and his sister, Emma, and his friend, Roswell. And his mother, and Tate and The Morrigan.


"Carlina smiled and shrugged. “I guess. As much as music is ever magic. Or always, I mean. Music is our best language. It’s just what we do.” “You could take over the world with what you do.” She laughed, much softer, much shyer than I ever would have pictured her a week ago. “Gentry’s enough.”