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I wave the white flag of surrender

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

This book was originally posted on amazon on May 31, 2012:


I've been reading the Mortal Instrument's series through somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 pages at this point. I made it to 40% of this book before I finally had to admit it.

I simply don't care anymore.

The first three books were flawed, but reasonably entertaining. Book 4 had great promise, although the cliff-hanger ending mildly annoyed me. I should've known that the story was going nowhere when I wasn't consumed by rage at the fact that Cassandra Clare left me in Book 4 at the point that she left me.

So, this book. Yes, it's a DNF. No, I don't think I will be reading anymore of the series. I'm bored with the characters. I get it that Jace is all golden hotness. For the love of all that is holy, I understand that he glimmers, glistens, is luminescent in his goldenness. Can we move on, now, please? He's hot. Fine. And Clary, well, she has evolved from a moderately engaging mundane into one of the worse cases of wish-fulfillment I've. ever. freaking. seen. in. fiction. Can we just call her Clary-Sue and be done with it, please?

As for the secondary characters, I still love Magnus. But he's just not enough to keep me reading. Simon - yeah, I liked him too, until the author stripped him of every single interesting aspect to his character. He's a vampire? Really? He's the most boring vampire I've ever seen. He makes the vampires from Twilight look positively ferocious.

So, yeah, I didn't like this book. I'm done with the series. Because by 40% of the book, nothing has actually happened. Not one thing. Although, it gets an extra star because the cover is really pretty.