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Half-Off Ragnarok by Seanan McGuire (InCryptids #3)

Half-Off Ragnarok - Seanan McGuire

“The moon doesn’t approve of the screaming in the cornfield,” she said. She sounded entirely reasonable, as long as I ignored the fact that she was talking like a book of Mad Libs. “Have you seen the Queen of Hearts today? Does she have the treacle tarts?”


So, I totally love Seanan McGuire, and I love the InCryptids series. Alex Price is the main character of this installment, and while I cannot say that I enjoyed this book quite so much as I've enjoyed the books with Verity as the MC, as always, I thoroughly enjoyed the world building, the humor and the cryptids.


Finishing an entertaining read has been a great antidote to the fuckall nonsense that has taken over the bookish internet today!


Also, what is a treacle tart? It sounds sort of tasty, but a berry tart sounds better.


Like this one:



Now I wish I had a berry tart for dessert.