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February Round-Up: Post 2 (Joe Pickett)


I am not caught up, but I am addicted to this series! C.J. Box just keeps getting better and better.


I am on book 9 right now.


These four:


Out of Range (Joe Pickett #5): I think that this was the weakest of the four, although it did introduce an interesting new character in Stella Ennis.  In classic Joe Pickett style, things are going to hell in a handbasket, and Joe has destroyed yet another state-owned vehicle. No one goes through trucks like Joe Pickett. There is tension in Joe's marriage, which is both distressing and disappointing. Marybeth has always been Joe's rock, and it's hard to watch the two of them losing touch with each other. Three and 1/2 stars.


In Plain Sight (Joe Pickett #6): Holy crap, things in Saddlestring are just freaking falling apart. There is going to be a blood bath. Four stars.


Free Fire (Joe Pickett #7): I really liked this one. Box takes an obscure legal point and builds an entire book around it. The setting is Yellowstone National Park, which is beautiful and historic, and Joe is up to his usual danger and destruction. More on this later. Four and 1/2 stars.


Blood Trail (Joe Picket #8): Good follow-up to Free Fire. Joe is working directly for Wyoming's semi-demented Governor (there's only room in Wyoming for one character, and that's him) because someone is hunting the hunters. I didn't love the ending of this one, but it is a strong entry in the story. Three and 1/2 stars.


I love this series. It is gripping and fun, easily one of my favorite mystery series out there.