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Breathe into Me - Sara Fawkes

I totally got confused and was thinking that this was one arc, when actually it is a different one. It took me a few percent to figure it out, but I decided to just keep reading since I had already started.


So far, this book is pretty much a total suckfest. I'm not exactly sure how long I will be able to persevere.




The MC is totally downtrodden. I know, I know, some people do, in fact, have an abusive boyfriend who wants to pass her around to his friends, and an abusive, mean, vicious grandmother who calls her a whore around her little brother, and a mother who is a drunk, and no car, and they get fired unjustly, and etc. But, the melodrama is pretty much over the freaking top here.


The slut-shaming is also pretty incessant. It is true that the MC is not guilty of all of the slutty things she is being accused of, but that doesn't save it for me. Because, you know, the response of "but she's not really a slut" doesn't make it not slut-shaming. It makes it, actually, a bit worse for me. When that is the case, I feel like it is the author, not the characters, who are really doing the shaming. If it was true, and the character stood up for herself and told everyone to fuck the fuck right off because she is an adult and has the right to a  sexual identity, and you can all go to hell, that's not slut-shaming.


So far, I can't figure out why St. Martin's Press would publish this. I am hoping for some significant improvements.