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Dead Silent by Sharon Jones

Dead Silent - Sharon  Jones

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley.


Dang. I am sorry to have to give this book such a low rating. It started out really well - very promising. It's a YA mystery, which is a genre that is under-published in my opinion. It is pretty rare for me to find a standard mystery that is YA that isn't an old school series or that isn't paranormal.


So, I was pretty excited about getting this. Plus, it's set in Cambridge. Which is by definition awesome, since I am a secret (well, it's no longer a secret) anglophile. I was expecting something like Oxford Blues crossed with a modern, British Nancy Drew.



^^Something like that^^


Anyway, I liked the first half of the book. I liked Poppy, I liked her boyfriend Michael, the story was clipping along, the murder was interesting, Cambridge was snowy and wonderful and then, all of the sudden, it completely collapsed in a mishmash of weird paranormal stuff that I didn't actually see coming, Poppy behaving like an idiot, and what certainly felt like a deterioration in the writing style.


I don't mind paranormal. But the book blurb for this book didn't say anything about paranormal, or mediums, or seances or communications from ghosts. When I read a murder mystery, I expect the mystery to be solved by traditional means - quick wits, logic, puzzling it out, whatever. I do not expect the solution to be delivered through some bizarre ghostly channeling unless I am given notice up front that the MC has supernatural abilities.


So, this was ... disappointing.