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Toooootally off-topic

But I have to say it somewhere.


The men who are all up in arms about Michael Sams showering with them are so ridiculous.


If (some) men would simply get the hell over their unending belief that everyone who looks at them wants to have sex with them, the world would be a better place.


(Some) men are convinced that any time a woman looks at them, it means "she wants me." These same men are convinced that any time a gay man looks at them, it means "he wants me."


Really, guys, we don't want you. We are COMPLETELY capable of looking at your fine form and thinking "that shirt is ugly" or "why is he staring at me" or, just, "hi."


I don't assume that any time anyone makes eye contact with me it means that he (or she, because, certainly, she could be gay) wants to have sex with me. You might consider doing the same.


Repeat after me: just because a gay man sees you naked, it doesn't mean he wants to have sex with you. Get the hell over yourself.


Thank you.


I will probably delete this post in an hour or two. I was frustrated, and needed to vent. :)