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Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

Sweetly - Jackson Pearce

General info:


This book was purchased on 6/20/13. I am using it to satisfy the "once upon a time" category of the February book blast because it is a fairy tale retelling (specifically, Hansel and Gretel).


Jackson Pearce threw a bit of a twitter tantrum earlier this week, although that's not why I read this book. I read it because I love fairy tale retellings, and Hansel and Gretel is a fairly uncommon tale to retell.


Did I like it? Yes, I did. I liked it quite a lot, although it didn't rock my world or anything like that. I really preferred the first half, as it had a very dreamy, almost magical realism, feel to it. It felt similar to a Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, set in South Carolina. I love books like that, and they are somewhat hard to find (in fact, feel free to recommend any that you are aware of in the comments).


When we got to the point, though, about the Fenris, it sort of turned into just any old YA werewolf story. The twist wasn't all that twisty.


Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. It is well-written and fun, and Jackson Pearce is a good writer.


Would I read more by the author? Absolutely. Especially if she refrains from twitter tantrums.